Welcoming Annabella Nassetti

May 2021

Annabella Nassetti - the g100 club - luxury interior and product designerWelcoming Annabella Nassetti, an international luxury interior and product designer born and educated in Italy and living in London since 1997. She has worked on projects across the world and achieved a world-class reputation in delivering unique interiors for private clients and property developers for some of the most notable addresses in the UK and abroad viz. in the EU, California, Switzerland, and Indonesia – including that of Chalerm Yoovidhya, founder of the Red Bull energy drink; Sir Patrick Head, co-founder and former Engineering Director of the Williams Martini Formula One team; Patrick Crowley, Hollywood film producer of Bourne Ultimatum and Jurassic World; Pranav Trivedi Head of Skadden UK; Celebrity Chef, Judy Joo; and Sanaz Zaimi, CEO, Bank of America Europe.

Annabella’s s international background influences the way she sees things, as she understands and appreciates different cultures and their icons. Her design studio, A Living Concept, is a noted architecture atelier that specializes in transforming luxury properties in the UK and abroad. Raised and trained as an industrial designer in the world’s design capital, Milan, Annabella Nassetti comes from a family of designers, and this deep-rooted expertise, along with a passion for engineering, is always present in her work guided by clean and clear lines. At work, her in-house team of builders is guided by a clear design philosophy: optimal use of space that is enhanced with a sophisticated and innovative use of materials and a strong visual sense, both ingenious and innovative and aligned with the essential principles of comfort, beauty, and functionality.

Her clients often remark how they “feel peace” in her living concept designs. “The part of design work I love the most is creating a good flow of space within interiors, with accents that make our everyday life a pleasure. My interiors all have one thing in common: they are calming and relaxing,” she says. Importantly, she adds, “Nature is my number one inspiration, so I find healthy design practices to be natural. Many times this goes against the commercial aspect, we as designers must put our foot down and guide. Green is the future. The ecological aspect of any design, whether it’s furniture or interiors, is crucial. Green awareness is for the good, and clients can easily be educated.” A dear Soul Sister who embodies excellence with a heart and a spirit to serve. The eminent and empowered group of #G100 is stronger with your presence and leadership.