Top Five Things to Consider When Looking For Luxury Property in London

May 2020

Luxury London Properties are an inspiration for clientele worldwide.  London showcases a global variety of multicultural styles that are all equally beautiful.

5)  Finishes:

The wall and floor finishes throughout the house set the tone for a luxury property.  We certainly do not expect to see standard finishes.  Polished plaster walls, fabric walling, marble floor and walls in bathrooms is what is expected.  How these are assembled, joined and how they interact with the interior will provide a sense of opulence.Audio Visual Control Panel

4)  Intelligent gadgets in the house:

There are certain gadgets that are a must for luxury properties.  These properties have to provide the ultimate home technology.  You want to make sure there is a home automation system, a home cinema, a multi-room audio system, a mood lighting system like Lutron, motorized window treatments, Aquavision bathroom TVs, a burglar alarm, CCTV surveillance and underfloor heating.

3)  Floor level, number of bedrooms and garden:

A first-floor apartment is always the most sought after.  First floors have very high ceilings and they often have a view.  Properties at higher levels are also very appealing, but normally ceiling heights are not as generous.The more bedrooms there are the better, but they need to be good size bedrooms, They need to be able to accommodate a double bed. A ground and lower ground with direct access to a communal garden pays dividends.  The rest of the apartments in the building would have access to the garden via a garden key.

2)  Period vs new build

Period buildings with original architectural features will last the test of time and will always be more appealing.  A white stucco Victorian building like what we have in Onslow Square is what we are aiming for.  These properties are Grade II listed and that is a further advantage because they have original architectural features that need to be maintained or reinstated. This makes the square more characteristic.  These buildings are refurbished periodically and always look at their best.

New builds are not as attractive in my view because the materials that are being used and the architectural features are not as enchanting as those on period buildings.  New builds provide better insulation, technology and often offer underground parking spaces, which in London are rare and sought after.

1)  Location location location

Location is the most important factor when talking about luxury properties.  London postcodes are very important and they are also considered to be a status symbol.  A property with a prime post code like SW1 is a guaranteed long-term asset and it will always be increasing in value. At the top of the address’ list, you will find Kensington Palace Gardens, Eaton Square, Egerton Gardens, Ilchester Place, Cadogan Square, Onslow Square, Chester Square.