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Annabella set up ANBM, her own construction company, in 2008. The advantages of doing this were clear: by directly employing the best contractors she had worked with in the past, she could ensure a high standard of finish and make the construction process dovetail with the design process. This approach creates a different perspective – one where those managing the project see things through the client’s eyes, anticipating every need and ensuring everything runs to plan.

Image of modern living area before & after interior design project

With our extensive knowledge of construction, logistics and material compatibility, our design team will give precise designs and specifications. These very detailed tender packages include everything that is in the brief, and more – we can say “and more” because our experience and our in-house construction team can identify any issues that will arise in association with the building works. Highly accurate specifications are what allow the construction team to deliver on time and on budget during the refurbishment stage.

Modern wooden kitchen, before & after interior design project

This work is only possible through close partnerships with other passionate professionals, from talented craftsmen to surveyors, plumbers and electricians. An in-house team of builders carry out the majority of the work, making for the highest quality results as well as the efficient delivery of each project. From a clients’ perspective, this exceptionally complete service eradicates many of the problems of dealing with multiple contractors.

Hallway in apartment before & after interior design project

Using an in-house project manager and preparing all the architectural drawings and specifications ourselves means that the room for mistakes disappears. Everything is thought through in its entirety from the outset, at design stage, and there can be no miscommunications or misunderstandings between the design and construction teams. Nearly two decades’ of experience has taught us where potential difficulties will lie, making them easier to plan for and simpler to overcome. Our project managers’ quotations do not exclude what other contractors would consider as ‘unforeseens’: they are more thorough and detailed.

Modern drinks bar in home, before & after interior design project

"I have known Annabella for 5 years and I am astonished by the level of altera that have occurred in the projects she has done for me. The design is superb, the timing and costing of the project is always very accurate and reliable. The project management allows for the refurbishments to run smoothly and the quality of the construction is exceptional and built to last. One to recommend." ....MR & MRS KETAN SHAH - LONDON

"I commissioned two important renovations that required many structural alterations. I have to congratulate the team for the professionalism, the precision and the punctuality of the project. The big advantage is that the design, the construction and the finishes were delivered turnkey." ....INDUSTRIALIST - MILAN, ITALY

"We bought our flat from Annabella two years ago and are very happy with the property. Annabella's design work is superb; the quality of finish and use of space is excellent throughout the flat, and her high level of attention to detail is apparent in every room. It is difficult to find the level of finish she can create in London." ....JOHN MURPHY