Creating a Luxury Home with High End Interior Design

February 2020

Talented interior designers know how to help you create your ideal luxury home. There are a number of steps required to ensure high end luxury is achieved.

Fitted Furniture

Bespoke fitted furniture is not only practical, it is also a stylish investment. Designed to your own specifications, built-in solutions will maximise every inch of space, and include compartments to suit your belongings. Choose high-gloss woods and fabric-clad styles for a luxurious look.

Colour & Texture

It is important to experiment with colour and texture to create the effect you want. The texture of fabrics are important and can be used to great effect in the most luxurious homes. The softness of velvet, the airiness of feather, the grainy earthiness of wood, and the bright clarity of metal and the sensual allure of high quality leather. Texture helps to create a feeling of depth to your design.


Shape is another element that has a deep effect and if you look around and can only see square edges and flat surfaces in your home then this needs addressed. When designing your luxury space, explore the sensuality of curves and the unspoiled perfection of natural objects. Natural forms can be used in design in many different ways to enhance the luxury feel of a room.


Invest in doors that have some serious weight to them, as I’m a firm believer that well-made extra tall doors can give your home a complete lift. Many people overlook doors, but they are hugely important to your design scheme when trying to add a luxurious feel. Doors with a bevelled glass inset, in particular, create a spacious feel and can look extremely glamorous when opening into living and dining rooms. Bi-fold doors to link inside and outside spaces will create a modern, light-filled look.

Integrated Appliances

Making use of well-designed integrated appliances in the home is a hugely important factor when trying to create luxury. Think about incorporating a sound system from the very beginning and a cinema room with a concealed projector screen is also a must have feature of any luxury home.

Design Your Luxury Home

If you would like to discuss creating your luxury home in more detail then please contact the A Living Concept team by using the contact form on this page.

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