Second Homes

Second homes have become almost a necessity as they create a break-up environment in which we can have quality leisure time. Whether they are in the country-side or in the city they have to provide their purpose. Healthy family bliss vs metropolitan buzz.

For the metropolis

For those looking to stretch, pull and manipulate every last morsel of space in their home to its best advantage, our ability to maximise space—not just for the requirements of modern living, but for future saleability, too—has won us many fans. Add in our personal take on interior finishes and the results are as distinctive as they are beautiful.

For the country side

For those looking for the perfect balance between cozy and stylish we can deliver a Tuscan dream villa or a Cotswolds period cottage.

For the beach

For those looking for the perfect holiday we will bring nature as part of the interior by making them interact beautifully.