Home Office Design

Covid-19 has changed the way in which we work dramatically. Shifting from working from the office, many of us are now working remotely in our own homes which will be the norm for the foreseeable future. Without a spare room to dedicate or a proper office space, home working can be challenging and have a negative effect on productivity, comfort and creativity. The good news is that there is a solution and professionals are here to help. Interior – Furniture – Designers.

How Professional Home Office Designers Provide the Ideal Solution

A professional designer is really key today.  Based on experience he/she would analyse your layout and come up with multiple solutions to suit your home. Professional designers understand have the eye to recognise exactly how to utilise space most effectively and transform a home working space into one that is inspiring, increases productivity and comfort, improves business results and benefits your wellbeing. As a consequence, this puts our mind at result and our quality of life improves. Interior designers would also provide a good 3d visual image to guarantee that you understand all the details of what is being proposed.

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How We Approach Home Office Design

Maximising Space with Smart Solutions

Annabella has been offering architectural interior design services in London for more than 20 years.  What has made Annabella’s designs successful has been the very clever use of space.  Whether you have a small or large home office, Annabella can utilise the layout of the room with smart solutions, use of the interiors and very functional furniture. Her experience allows for her to play with innovative solutions and functions of furniture like magic and her knowledge on materials will suit every budget.

What has made her interiors successful has always been her product designer’s vision, where the interaction between our furniture and us is paramount. Her experience in designing objects for human-home use not only maximizes what she can do with space, but it improves our wellbeing by making sure that the ergonomics are of prime importance.  Because every house is different her ability to personalize design is what will make a difference in your life.

What is crucial is the shape and interaction between units” she says, “and the embellishing details are what make it that bit more special or even unique”.

Her delicate perception of what is good for our body allows her to explore every scene in its own merits and her design skills will transform these ideas in reality very quickly.

Her solutions are always aesthetically beautiful too and they will blend in with your current interior style.

Let Us Design A Bespoke Home Office For You

Annabella would be very happy to help you establish where and how a home-office or smart corner would best suit your property.   Our home is our biggest life investment and maximizing the use of space is of paramount importance.  The value of your property will unavoidably increase.  We invite you to see our home office portfolio showing solutions that could be your next step to improve your quality of life and wellbeing.

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Testimonials for Home Office Projects

“I had a fantastic experience in every aspect of my new office. Nothing was difficult for Annabella who always went an extra mile to help us achieving the results we wanted.  The careful attention to detail in the design phase contributed to accurate estimate of costs and the smooth running of the project. The advice received whilst the works were underway was invaluable and we were delighted that the project completed on time and within budget.”

Walter Blum Gentilomo

“The new office is an absolute pleasure to work in. The bright and airy atmosphere created by the clean, modern design of the studio produces an altogether enjoyable and productive working environment. In particular, the comfort of the workspace gives the me ample space and opportunity to have video calls and demonstrations which is very helpful for me”.

Ketan Shah. Partner at accountancy firm KLSA LLP.  

“Having seen the space prior to its transformation, I am astounded by the beautiful studio that has been designed and produced. Annabella and her team provided a seamless project, in time and on budget. Highly recommended. “

Sanaz Zaimi – Bank of America

“From the quotation stage through to project completion, Annabella has been at all times extremely professional and efficient, as well as easy to deal with.Early on she came up with some extremely useful ideas. I really appreciated the transparency of their proposal, their ability to answering questions quickly and concisely, and their competitive pricing. Annabella was extremely professional, very responsive and fun to work with, and the final result was an office area of the highest quality which fully met with our expectation

Judy Joo. Celebrity Chef