Current Trends In Luxury Interior Design

April 2020

Fabrics and Furniture

Colourful fabrics on beautiful classic design furniture gives a very sophisticated look.  An example of this would be the Giorgetti Aton sofa with a suede Pierre Frey fabric. A smooth simple elegant design that can be accompanied by some two-tier glass coffee tables where some beautiful design books and objects can be placed. Some luxurious table lamps from Donghia with bespoke trimmings.

Luxury Rugs

A silk rug from The Rug Company in London or from Illulian in Milan who specializes in bespoke designs and combination of materials like silk and cashmere.  It is possible to have such details as having your personalized names or logo knitted in to the fabrics.

Interior Finishes

A special wall finish from Perrucchetti Plastering will enhance the architectural interior design and will indulge the interiors. For those who collect valuable art it is essential that they are mounted and lit properly.  This can be from directional spot lights that need to be positioned from its centre or symmetrically depending on how big the painting is. Our level of detail is such that we would light a one meter wide painting with a one directional spotlight from the centre at approximately 50cm from the wall where the painting is hung.

The ultimate way to light expensive art though would be via fibre-optics, this will not damage the art.

Stylish Kitchens

The kitchen is always a statement in a luxury property. This is where our expertise really comes into its own such as our knowledge knowing which kitchen manufacturer to choose, what appliances, which finishes and which worktop surface are the very best for the space. For example a Boffi kitchen has a great variety of styles that are all very attractive.  The Grand Chef is my favourite – it is a historical piece that is synonym of Italian Design and quality. An iron scratched look is a very sexy and stylish with bronze side trims. Some focal architectural features like niches that enhance the overall appearance of the interior. We also would suggest that Wolf, Gaggennau and Subzero are the must have brands.

Sumptuous Bedrooms

The master bedroom suite is currently dominated by an oversize headboard which is oozing comfort and pleasure with a combination of upholstery and fitted bedside tables. A combination of wallpaper, fabric and wood behind the bed just completes the bedroom to the point that you will not want to leave it. Unless, you are on the way to a spa bathroom right across from the bed.  A niche in the headboard itself gives great balance and it will make the room always ready for a photoshoot!

Luxury bathroom photo

Luxury Bathrooms

The ensuite bathroom is where you feel a million dollars. To create that luxury we can use Bisazza black gem mosaic floor and walls with ebony vanity units with surface-mounted basins.  We can fit fully kitted steam showers with an inbuilt bench with colour changing lighting for the ultimate relaxation.  This can be topped up by pairing it up with a cedar wood scent Swedish Sauna.  The result will be as stunning, with the lighter version by using mother of pearl mosaic. Backlit mirror cabinets with beveled paneling reflecting a free-standing limestone bath will create a sumptuous environment.  The bath is overlooking an Aquavision television for some proper home luxury relaxing and entertainment.

Ultimate Technology Systems

The ultimate in luxury is where the house is controlled via Control 4 which will provide the full ‘home automation’. Combined this with home mood lighting, a multi-room audio system, temperature control, automated window treatments, security CCTV coverage, cinema room, finger print door opening and data network coverage.

Cinema Room

Last and not least is a cinema room. It is very easy to have a 110” screen with a HD projector with surround sound which can project anything that is on Apple TV, a DVD player and or digital television. With a pop-corn machine and a cocktail bar this room will deliver the ultimate home experience in the comfort of your slippers.

Need Help Transforming Your Home

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