Creating Luxury Interiors : The Kitchen

January 2020

Kitchens are somehow always the most important room in the house. Whether it’s where the client spends most of their time because they love entertaining while they cook, or it’s because the client only wants to show off their kitchen, it’s vital that the design is perfect for them.  At the end of the day, a kitchen says a lot about you! The gadgets, the special finishes and the brand of appliances make the kitchen a status symbol.  We have a wealth of experience in creating luxury kitchens of all shapes and sizes, including on one occasion, a professional kitchen for a celebrity chef so she could film her TV cooking programme!

Steel Kitchen in Luxury HomeLuxury Interior in the Kitchen

Luxury kitchens can be either bespoke or branded and they both have pros and cons. The most recent branded kitchen I designed was from Bulthaup and Boffi.  I would say that they are the most well-known designers/manufacturers in the world and their quality is second to none.

Many other clients have more specific requirements.  They either want something that is unique to them or the kitchen requires a bespoke layout because of space limitations. Most of the kitchens we design have a bespoke element to them. This would either be the finish of the cupboards or the top, or in some cases both.

However, the most important aspect of the kitchen is its layout and making sure it’s ergonomic.  To me, the kitchen needs to be designed around who uses it, the distances between different elements and what happens where. It is incredible what we can achieve when designing bespoke kitchens.  We create any shape and almost any finish that makes the kitchen a talking point.

There are advantages to both branded and bespoke luxury kitchens.  Branded kitchens will be recognized when the property is sold so they are a great investment. Bespoke kitchens will be tailored to your needs with a vast number of exciting solutions.

Creating Your Dream Kitchen

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Luxury White Kitchen