The Art of Luxury Interior Design

June 2020

Great interiors are conceptualized by exciting space and floor layouts.  These layouts are formed by walls that can be treated in different ways depending on the client’s priorities.  Once all the boxes that address the living necessities have been ticked, I advise on aspects of interior design that will not only complement the lifestyle and status symbol of the client, but also enhance the luxury of the interior.  One of the finest ways to do this is through the careful selection of an exquisite art collection.

High End Interior Design

Below, is just one example of how we utilised the beauty of art to create a bespoke luxury interior.  The presence of works of art in interiors accentuates the beauty of the interior itself. A work of art will create a focal point but an art collection will create a story that represents the client.

Whether it gives an exciting hint with some splash of colour or it creates a sexy background with some black and white photography, an art-piece will always be money well spent. Even if a client doesn’t yet own an art collection, I always allocate walls for paintings in my designs.  Designing these in advance allows for any work of art to be lit properly to give it even more life and to make it part of the interior.

Adding art to an interior design project is very exciting and it brings another dimension to the project itself.  I always recommend reliable art consultants are included in this process, because we want to make sure that the money is spent wisely and with a painting which is not only beautiful but that is also an investment!

This whole project was designed around an important blue-chip art collection that encompassed pieces from Matisse, Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud and Andy Warhol.

Use Art to Enhance Interior Design

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Luxury Living Room